Posted by: joannabrandi | May 23, 2010

No Questions Asked


  1. Love your work

  2. I am very much a proponent of customer service and personalizing transactions. I live in rural america, service is very much a huge thing out here, especially considering that most of the businesses out here have been around for years and everyone knows everyone thus wanting to take care of one another even further. I was left for dead by an ex and a big bank, wells fargo, took me under their wing. I had no chance of saying no to their offer of a second chance checking account! I was cashing a government check from that bank at the time and they asked me about whether I had a bank, the ladies were very sweet, kind, everyone in the bank was pretty much around me, helping me, trying to make me feel comfortable with the process–even if I was denied! I was approved, and a couple of mishaps happened (I didn’t understand about a certain fee they had and they actually reversed it for me!) So, needless to say, they have me for life. I make it a point to go inside when I have transactions as opposed to going through the drive thru because they are just so nice and kind and just….awesome!!! I work in training and customer service is one of the things I specialize in, so when you see it in full effect at an organization you appreciate it, especially with how easily other organizations are still out there despite their incredible lack of care.

    • April – you are so right! When you see it you appreciate it.
      I also go into the bank – I like the people there and when I have that extra minute I do enjoy seeing them in person. Maybe it’s an old habit – or maybe it’s because I work at home and like some human contact. We are social creatures after all.

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