Posted by: joannabrandi | December 10, 2009

Always Something to Learn

I was out to dinner with friends tonight and shared a story about my Mom. Mom’s 90 years old and doesn’t look or act a day over 75.  She’s an amazing woman and I’m always proud to say I’m one of her kids.

Last Saturday night Mom and several other widows attended a party given by friends. The ladies decided to hire a car so they could all go together and no one had to drive home too late.

On Sunday night when I called to see how the party was she told me it was fantastic – the music, the food, the place – all fabulous. “But I really learned something,” she said.

“What Mom?”

“When your 90 years old you have no business staying out until 3 in the morning. I’m EXHAUSTED!”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Still learning after all these years. That’s a good sign.

Tonight, telling the story, thinking about it a bit, I realized how important it is to celebrate the learning. It’s important to recognize and reflect on the learning.

What did I learn today?

Giving feedback is always a delicate matter and holding the intention that the other will hear it the way you intended is helpful. Slowing down and being mindful of  how you’re being heard is as important as what you have to day.

A balanced life (if it’s a busy life) means that something will always fall off the to do list and have to be reprioritzed.

The list will never be done.

Sometimes dinner out with the neighbors is more important then getting the next step of a project done.

Life is always going to give me the opportunity to learn even if sometimes it’s the hard way. Some of us learn what we want buy first sorting through what we don’t want.

Laughing at yourself is part of loving yourself.

So that’s my list, what’s yours? What did you learn today?


  1. With great interest, I’ve read your blogs, articles, etc. through the past year. They’re simply great.
    Double thumbs up to you, Ms Brandi!!
    How you dealt with topic ‘CARE’ so amazingly comprehensive and consistent that it drove me to come up with the acronym C-A-R-E- to capsulize the root of it all.
    To CARE is to.. C-ommunicate
    More power! A happy inspiring year to you!

  2. Vyk,

    Thanks so very much for your response and addition to my vocab!

    I love how you are using CARE

    Here’s how I use it.
    R-elationships with
    E-veryone we come in contact with Energetically, Enthusiastically and Exquisitely!

    Woo-hoo! We are all expanding how we we think about customers.

    I’ll be back in the saddle with blogging soon. My rhythm is a little different than some bloggers and right now I am working on some new ways of thinking about things. As a reluctant extrovert, I like to percolate things for a while.

    I have another blog I’ve quietly started and not publicized yet – but will some time in the new year – I think you’ll like it. Thanks again for the comment.

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