Posted by: joannabrandi | October 2, 2008

What Makes YOU Feel Good at Work?

According to my informal research people who feel good at work are more productive, like their jobs more, have better performance, are more likely to be creative, enjoy “going the extra mile,” and have more energy at the end of the day when they go home to be with their families or pursue hobbies and outside activities.

Help me with my research – every body has their own “Feel Good At Work Factor” and Amanda Levy and I are writing about it. Please help us understand more about yours.

Please go to our comments section after this blog entry and finish this sentence. “I feel good at work when…..”


  1. I feel good at work when
    -as I teach the “I” part of me seems to disappear and the knowledgeable and wiser me, the one without attachment to results, takes over.
    -I feel good when I take a moment to imagine everyone I will encounter in my classes coming to feast, bringing their best selves, their love of learning, or improving, of interracting. And our energies flow.
    -When I paint I feel good when the inspiration is alive and in my focus, when all the art materials have been prepared the night before so that i can just sit down and without any disconnection tap into the vibrant focus.

  2. I feel good at work especially when fellow colleagues are creative and innovative in problem situations and not crowd me so much with problems they can actually handle with a little more patience and a little more thoughtfulness.

    As daily i have to create a balance between handling other peoples jobs and still do my own job, even though i enjoy solving problems.

  3. I feel good at work when my manager is FLEXIBLE. I have been feeling the squeeze of “sandwich generation” responsibilities for a long, long time. That means that “stuff” happens ALL the time, whether it’s my kids, my grandmother or my dog, not to mention my parents. It makes working a standard set of hours nearly impossible — and made my freelance life hell.

    Right now I have a part-time job in a govt position where my manager COULD, if he wanted to, be completely inflexible about my hours. Instead, the first time I had an urgent situation, he said, “Your family comes first. Nothing terrible will happen here while you take care of them.” What’s more, he told me that I can come in to make up hours (because he knows I need them) whenever it’s convenient for me — in the evening, early a.m., on the weekend.

    He has been true to his word and very kind. The result: I work hard. I want our office to “shine” and I’m not only on top of things, but ahead of schedule with nearly everything. I feel very loyal to him and to our two-person team — often when I thank him for something he’ll say, “Hey, we’re a team.” He looks out for my welfare — sending me to classes, taking me out in the field to learn.

    His willingness to be flexible even though I’m a part-time, hourly worker has opened the gates for all manner of professional good to happen. I’m very happy, I think he’s happy, and people LIKE visiting our office — this despite the fact that they’re usually either lodging an angry complaint, or stressed out about a town ordinance or a conflict. We even had one person who said, at the end of a meeting with us, “Now THIS was REFRESHING!” He left with a giant smile on his face.


    Most of what I bring to the table as an employee to make our office a “Feel Great” place to work I learned from JoAnna. I was a fan of hers for awhile, then had the pleasure and privilege of working with her for several years as she launched The Customer Care Coach and started on the road to becoming a Happiness Expert. JOANNA’S BELIEFS, TECHNIQUES AND TRAINING PROGRAMS IN CUSTOMER CARE & HAPPINESS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BUSINESS FOR THE POSITIVE. If you are putting off studying with her in any way, stop procrastinating and start making real, positive and lasting changes. The benefits surpass anything you can imagine.

    Hats off to Amanda, too! I worked with her briefly, and she is an intelligent, kind-hearted gem.

  4. I feel good at work when I get to use my strengths and my passion – writing. Even after a long, challenging day, I feel energized and alive rather than drained and defeated.

  5. I feel good at work when i help colleaque staff to solve work related problems and at times family problems.

    similarly, once a customer gets satisfied with my services, i feel good because i know i have retained the customer as well as my job.

  6. I feel good at work when its the last hour and we are just finishing up the last batch of letters. I work in a factory that produces letter envelopes for certain companies that are promoting what they offer by inserting leaflets and information about their company which is what goes inside the letter envelopes. The machines are loud and often break down however there is always a maintenance guy who fixes them when this happens. Believe it or not I am a university student and I don’t want to spend my life working at a factory I need experience but cannot find any.. well I hope my employers willl recognise my drive and enthusiasm to at least try something different!

  7. Haroon,
    Thank for your comment. It;s important to remember that many many people started in out in places that were not ideal.

    I too hope your employers will notice your drive and enthusiasm and I encourage you to bring it their attention by offering a hearty smile and some conversation every day – and as they get to know you better, offer suggestions, observations and ideas.

    What’s even more important then them noticing you – is YOU noticing your drive and enthsiasm and how good it makes YOU feel to play at that level.

    Yuo are building good work habits and attitudes and they will serve you well in the future.

    My suggestion to you is this – at the end of every day, write down in a journal the three things that went well that day and why.

    Keep track of your successes whether your supervisors do or not.

    Feel proud of yourself for the things you do and the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the job.

    And good luck!

    Oh yes.. “luck” is where opportunity meets preparation.

    All the best….


  8. Great site, I will be back. Well done

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