Posted by: joannabrandi | May 20, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Once again, I am writing another program on happiness. I love this stuff. I just finished a successful “tour” of call centers for a catalog client and if I, for a moment, start feeling down I open up the folder with the (I must admit excellent) evaluation forms and remind myself that I make a difference in the world with my work.

We all do. I think we all need to remind ourselves of that for time to time. I’m lucky. I get evidence on paper. If you don’t then start a “Victory Log” and keep track of the things you do that impact others and spread goodness, beauty or helpfulness in the world.

As I’m preparing this new speech on happiness (for a non-business audience – so it’s a little different than the others) I’m thinking of the “Happiness Practices” I want to present.

Tal Ben Shahar, who teaches the course on Happiness at Harvard (THE most popular course on campus) talks a lot about ritual and how important it is in staying happy. The “Practices” I do form the rituals in my life and I have a new one to practice every morning.

On April 24th I received a new role in life. Nana. My beautiful granddaughter Mia Felice was born that day. Trust me, everything they say about becoming a grandparent is true ~ it’s amazing.

So my newest Happiness Practice is to go to Mia’s album on line and look at her sweet face for several minutes every morning. I can feel joy wash over me and gratitude for her very being sink into my bones. What a happy way to start a day!

I share a middle name with Mia – Felice – it means Happy in Italian. I must have been born to do this work, “Happy” is my middle name.

By the way ~ I’ve got a little manifesto about happiness at work. Check it out:



  1. An accident i saw this web site as a professional accountant in Sri Lanka (An asian country) it is so interesting this web site & i hope I learn a lot by reading & as a toast master I think I can play a big role in the next cession.

    GOd bless to you All !!!!!!

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