Posted by: joannabrandi | April 18, 2008

A winning combination

My friend John is growing tomatoes, from scratch. He has patiently sprouted the heirloom seeds and then transplanted them to small pots. He carefully waters them and watches them (and I suspect talks to them) as they grow a little bigger every day. Soon they will be strong enough to put them in the garden.

The garden has been rototilled and carefully prepared for the dry season in CA. It’s been fed with compost and is watered on a regular basis. He’s doing everything he can to make sure that after the new little tomatoes are planted, they will succeed.

I can never look at a garden without thinking about business. It’s the best metaphor I’ve ever known for what an organization needs to be successful. Good culture, careful planning and selection, feeding, weeding, pruning. And of course, nurturing, nourishing and lots of encouragement to grow.

My tip this week talks about another element – besides the good culture – the commitment of the customer service people involved. Take a look at the 7 Things Every Customer Service Person Needs To Know.

Even the seeds bring something to the party – the commitment to grow.



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