Posted by: joannabrandi | January 21, 2008

Too much to say

Today I started writing a response to a request from the Customer Service Advantage, a newsletter. I’m on the advisory panel and I get questions to answer now and again – an “expert’s opinion.”

I’m always uncomfortable being considered an “expert.”  I may know more than the average person on a topic or two, but I’m still learning every day. But I do what I agreed to do and answered this question. This time though, I’ve been unable to stop writing. The topic is “stress“. What can we do about stress?

I’m three pages into it. I decided to turn it into a “tip” publishing on the 22nd. of Jan. I may extend it to be an article.  And maybe I’ll do a short video. I am discovering a depth of knowledge (much from personal experience) and a desire to share the information – and maybe a few anecdotes – even if I can’t say it in three paragraphs or less!

So when it’s done, I’ll be happy to share it – I’ll post a link here. In the meantime, in case you’re wondering, I am writing – I’m just writing too much to pop into the blog.

Let me give you a few key thoughts though. First – you have to slow down and understand where the stress is coming from and what steals your energy. Next you have to take a look at the perceptual filters you have on situations and see if you are creating the stress with the way you frame the picture and then you have to make some changes in how you think or what you do or both.

Hey! I did it. Oh yeah, one other point. Stress kills – so you might want to take it seriously and get rid of as much of it as you can – AND offset it with positive experiences and emotion.

I’ll be back soon with the link to a longer story.   JoAnna

 Click here to view the article on stress



  1. Really happy to see that you have a blog. I didn’t think you could get more involved.

    As you know, I’ve been using that wonderful radio interview you and I did a few years ago in my masters marketing classes each semester at NYU.

    How about we up the pace and give you a direct forum to these students who are the mid level managers today and will be the “C” levels tomorrow. If you are in NY in February we can do it live. If not we can go to a live VOIP session so that students can grab the positive vibes and interact with the master.

    All my best,


  2. I can definitely identify with the stress factor in work and how it effects you. When my blood pressure rose quickly, a doctor told me to find another job with less pressure. Problem was all jobs had the same amount of pressure or stress.

    Life is stressful but for me even more so, since what I uncovered was I am always trying to do things perfectly – perfectionist that I am. I put the stress on myself – and believe me it is much more difficult to change your behavior when you have had the same behavior all your life.

    Changing is even more challenging since I have always looked at the amount of work I have produced as an indicator of my success.

    Good luck on the writing. Thanks for the blog.

  3. Well my friend, you are terrific!!

    Stress is a timely subject and I am grateful that you wrote about it. Thank you for helping us to focus on what is important!

    You go girl!!
    Mary Ann

  4. Hey Neil – this response sounds suspiciously like the last. Perhaps there is a little glitch in the system here. I’m not going to be able to do it in Feb – try me in March!

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