Posted by: joannabrandi | January 8, 2008

Clear and present danger

I’m working on a whitepaper about different trends on the business landscape and how they will affect companies in the future. So, my “reticular activating system”( the part of the brain that makes you see yellow Volkswagens all over the place just when you are about to buy one) is on the alert for articles that corroborate my theory that unless organizations change their leadership styles and ways of thinking about employees AND customers they are in big trouble. Yesterday an article landed on my desktop called “Employee Engagement – The Topic You Can’t Escape” and it really shook me up. maybe because of the way the author phrased it – Managers are scared, “They are staying up at night, they are afraid of losing their employees.” Click here for the article on Employee engagement

Mores in the workplace are changing and changing fast. Talented people (yours) could be looking for another job, unless they find great value in working for you. And by that I don’t mean money (although that is a piece of it.) Money is an important motivator by NOT by any means the most important. Money becomes more important in the scheme of things when people are unhappy at their jobs.

If people are getting what they need from their jobs emotionally and intellectually – if they are challenged appropriately, have the opportunity to grow and learn, know what the expectations are of them, are recognized frequently for what they do right, are coached well to improve, and are appreciated for their contribution to the enterprise, money is only a piece of the puzzle.

As a large portion of the baby boomer generation retires in the next few years the workplace is in for a shock. If these talented people don’t get what they want and need and think they deserve, they leave. With all that knowledge about your customers and your business in their head.

To me there is a clear and present danger to any business that isn’t looking at upgrading it’s leadership style. The bright young people out there want you to have the latest in technology AND the latest in understanding how to make their experience a good one.

More info to come when the paper is published. We are currently looking for sponsors for the paper. If you are interested or know anyone who is give me a jingle.  561-279-0027


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