Posted by: joannabrandi | December 5, 2007


I am truly blessed. After I graduated from Marty Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching course a few years ago, I was invited to join a group of coaches that wanted to meet twice a month to study and mastermind the applications of Positive Psychology in the workplace. Since then we (the Founder’s Group) have been meeting regularly. After four years we’ve become friends and worked together as colleagues.

Today our topic was “Savoring” and we talked about the book by the same name written by Fred Bryant. Savoring is a proceess where me mindfully engage in thoughts and behaviors that heighten enjoyment.  We had great fun discussing how we can do more of it in the workplace – we can start a meeting by asking people to talk briefly about something good that happened in their lives since the last meeting, we can slow down in the middle of meeting when things are going well and say something like ” I really love when everybody participates like this, it’s a great feeling”, we can end a meeting with a word of gratitude or appreciation.

We can make a list of the “10 best things about working here.” We can listen carefully and mindfully when someone is speaking and acknowledge the strengths we hear. We can take a breath together. We can talk about a recent success and how good it feels.

The benefits of savoring – many. Puts us in the state of positive emotion and so reduces stress, builds psychological capital, increases our resilience, broadens our capacity for thinking and gives us a more favorable biochemistry.

The challenges of savoring activities in the workplace – you have to slow down, be mindful, inhabit the moment. And you have to buck the busy-ness culture and take that moment, even if you look foolish doing it.

Would love to know what you do to practice “savoring” in the workplace.

At the moment I am going to leave this computer and go savor my exercise class.

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  1. Hello JoAnna, Nice first blog…it reads easily and flows into the linked article, so it does not appear to be a first. You have been blogging before but just never called it that. We all could use the information. Tom

  2. I find that it often takes a LOT of discipline to savor the good things in my life — but whenever I do, I am richly rewarded. Thank you for this important reminder. ~~~t~~~

  3. Tom’s right — you’ve been doing this – and doing it well – for years, just not calling it that!

    Well done! Lovely to see you up and running — and with such real-time, real life goodies 🙂 Thank you. A

  4. Congruntulations, JoAnna — YOU were “born to blog!” Right now I’m savoring your photo and how those purples pop! Always enjoy your thought-provoking customer insights. Blessings, Carl

  5. Really happy to see that you have a blog. I didn’t think you could get more involved.

    As you know, I’ve been using that wonderful radio interview you and I did a few years ago in my masters marketing classes each semester at NYU.

    How about we up the pace and give you a direct forum to these students who are the mid level managers today and will be the “C” levels tomorrow. If you are in NY in February we can do it live. If not we can go to a live VOIP session so that students can grab the positive vibes and interact with the master.

    All my best,


  6. Neil – Cool. Feb might not be the right month for, I’m travleing a lot. I’d love love love to come and do some teaching in person. I’ve got some interesting demonstrations that address the positive (and negative) vibes issue. They are a lot of fun.

    My best to you…

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