Posted by: joannabrandi | December 4, 2007

My Iguana

I’m a person that believes  in “signs.” Maybe it’s my Italian Catholic background and my mystical tendencies or maybe it’s just fun to think that there’s a world of wonder and magic out there that speaks to us all the time.

 Like many people, I get frustrated when things don’t go my way (or happen when I want them to). And, despite all my skills in stress reduction and shifting my emotions, sometimes I feel that frustration strongly before I’m able to shift it. But I have a helper. Several times over the past year, usually when I am in that, shall we call it, impatient state, a bright green iguana appears – in the street crossing in front of me, crawling up the screen on my porch, perched in the tree outside my door, and yesterday peeking at me from the roof of the condo next store.

I know what it means – since one afternoon after days of iguana appearances I started searching for the symbolism and found it – it’s patience! Patience, the glorious quality of patience that reminds us to slow down, breathe deeply and wait for the natural unfolding of things. That’s often tough for us (former) type “A” personalities. The iguana has come to be a natural reminder for me that sometimes things move slower than I’d like them to and all my huffing and puffing about them won’t change a thing. I almost always smile at the sight of an iguana, and I’d like to think he smiles back at me.

Have a peaceful and patient day.

A close cousin…



  1. JoAnna —

    Love the Iguana story . . . natural symbols that are organic . . . so you!

    Hope you keep the Iguana spirit close by and remember to breathe deeply, speak deliberately and care always.



  2. How wise you are to follow the simple yet profound teaching of this little fellow.


  3. Thank you! I liked all of your entries but especially enjoyed your Iguana story! Wonder if it is a Catholic “thing” to see signs.

    Keep the faith and Merry Christmas! Happy Customer Service in 2008.


  4. Where did you find the symbolism for the iguana? Can’t find it in any of my books.
    Thanks. James

  5. hi i also would like to no how you found the symbolism for the iguana . i have devototed a room in my house as i have one a pet . i also have a tattoo that covers my back and leg of one great story .peace lee

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