Posted by: joannabrandi | December 3, 2007

Happy all the time?

 An interesting question came up in my family last week and it’s one that has come up frequently over the past few months. “Do we have to be happy all the time?”

I’m sure that in the case of my family that question came up because I spend a lot of time sharing what I am learning and teaching others to practice in my work world – deliberately making the effort to be happier on a daily basis. I’m talking about  being mindful and careful to pay attention to one’s thoughts and one’s emotions so as to more adeptly create more positive emotions than negative ones.

Now we all know that family members aren’t always interested in persuing the same passions we have, and often tire of hearing us talk about it. It’s just so hard to contain myself. I’ve come to really enjoy the biochemistry of positive emotion, and knowing optimists live longer than pessimists (9-10 years longer) seek to find optimistic ways to look at situations in life as they present themselves.

Does one have to be happy all the time. No, of course not. Life is full of a full range of emotion and we are build to experience them all (Just like our taste buds are built to experience different tastes – hot, salty, sweet, bitter.) Personally I’m choosing to feel my feelings – all of them. However, I’m spending less time in the negative ones than ever before because I know that the long term effective of negative emotions on my body take too big a toll. So I am discovering a variety of techniques that work for me and others to make the shift.

I’ll be addressing this question again in my “Tip” next week.

Have a happy day.  JoAnna



  1. JoAnna
    Congratulations on your new blog. Agree that a positive mindset always serves you better even in the face of adversity. Keep up the great work!


  3. joanna,

    We always have a choice, and one is … to be happy all the time.

  4. Dear Joanna may your writing be as happy as you feel. Thanks for making my day a happier one.

  5. Good Answer! Apparently our brains have evolved in conditions such that it is more “natural” for us focus on negative things. But there are fewer tigers chasing us today and more of out problems are totally self-made. And we defy nature as a modus operandi any more. The more time we spend self-creating positive feelings like love and happiness, the less destruction we will make to ourselves and our environment, including all those happy and innocent sentient and self-aware “animals” sharing this ball with us. Most of this destruction and self-destruction is caused by the useless pursuit of Love/Happiness ouside of ourselves. Love is a good feeling: pass it on

  6. I do think our thoughts determine how we feel, and that it’s a good choice to think Happy.

    All the Best,

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